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International Schools Services (ISS)

In August 2017, the Thai Sikh Foundation handed management of the school to International Schools Services (ISS), a non-profit educational organisation with its headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey in the USA.

ISS has been the nonprofit leader in international education since 1955. They provide comprehensive, customised, student-centred services to schools and educators and are committed to creating and supporting world-class schools across the globe that educate students to be thoughtful, imaginative leaders.

ISS, who are currently associated with over 400 schools around the world, are committed to the renewal of TSIS International School as demonstrated through the following improvements:

  • New Leadership: A Headmaster with extensive experience in international schools around the world leads TSIS through a period of renewal.

  • International Faculty: International teachers are carefully selected to provide expert instruction in both our Junior and Senior school campuses.

  • Improved Learning Resources: The school continues to undertake a plan to improve learning resources and access to technology at both campuses.

  • Expanded Student Experiences: The school has employed teachers to ensure that students are provided with a variety of PE, arts and extra-curricular activities which utilise our school’s exceptional facilities.

  • Improved Facilities: The facilities at both TSIS campuses have been refurbished to ensure that they can be fully utilised by our students.

  • New Partnerships. The school continues to pursue educational partnerships within Bangkok, Thailand and abroad to benefit our students.

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