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TSIS Connect  


Using our experience from previous periods of online learning, our school leaders and teachers have worked together to develop 'TSIS Connect', our new remote learning system. TSIS Connect is our world-class, online learning experience which keeps the UK National Curriculum alive and interesting for students.


Here is some key information about what learners and their parents can expect when they join ‘TSIS Connect’:


Timetable: The school day replicates a normal school day with morning and lunch breaks. All students start the day with Homeroom period at 8am which is also a social time of the day when students can interact with their friends before starting actual lessons.


Lessons: The majority of TSIS Connect lessons are live with the teacher in real-time. This also means that some students are grouped and rotated through independent and teacher-supported learning just as takes place in on-campus schooling. There are times when carefully selected pre-recorded video resources are used if teachers believe this is what will work best for their learners.


Language Learning Support: We offer additional English and Thai language opportunities for students who may benefit from this support.  


Extracurricular Activities (ECAs): TSIS Connect’s ECA programme is built into the school day. The ECAs are designed to enhance and broaden the variety of learning experiences for students. 


Parent Support: We encourage communication between home and school and parents are always free to arrange a time to speak to their child's teachers. 


Personalising TSIS Connect for Families: Parents are encouraged to share their family’s previous challenges with online learning and our team will aim to make adjustments to assist with these. 



We understand the challenges that families face in supporting schooling online. With resilience and a commitment to getting through this period of time, we know that every child will continue to grow and develop through TSIS Connect.

Parent Feedback2.png

“We would like to appreciate all the hard work and efforts which resulted in a very successful first week of online learning. Our daughter eagerly participated in all the classes and looks forward to meeting all her teachers. She wishes that classes could be extended.


During the first week, there was hardly any stressful situation for us as parents. The teachers have handled all classes so professionally. Many thanks to everyone. We look forward to another week of online learning.”

- From a parent’s email

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