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Executive Leadership Team

Andrew Read 
Head of School 


After overseeing the incredible growth of TSIS Junior School, Mr. Andrew Read was appointed the Head of School from August 2022. Mr. Andrew feels very fortunate to be supported by an aspirational school Board with a strong vision and commitment for taking our school to new heights in the coming years which will see TSIS recognised alongside some of the top international schools in Thailand. 


Mr. Andrew joined TSIS as our Junior School Principal in August 2019. Originally from New Zealand, he had previously held school leadership roles in the United Arab Emirates, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and New Zealand. Mr. Andrew holds a B.A. majoring in Psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching and Masters Degree in Educational Leadership.


Mr. Andrew is passionate about International Education and developing the concepts of global citizenship and 'international mindedness' in learners. He enjoys leading schools with a strong vision for learning, a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, and a determination to provide a genuinely world class, holistic education.


Mr. Andrew always makes our students and parents feel welcome as he works with our community to move TSIS into a new, exciting phase of its renewal. 

Marlie Human
Junior School Principal 


With remarkable growth continuing at TSIS Junior School, Marlie Human was appointed to the Principal position in January 2023.

With many years of experience teaching in international schools around the world and an in-depth understanding of the British Curriculum, Ms. Marlie first joined TSIS as a classroom teacher in 2019. She was also a Key Stage Coordinator, SEN Coordinator and Deputy Principal.

Ms. Marlie holds a Bachelor of Education (Pre-School and Foundation Phase), majoring in Psychology with distinction. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Special Educational Needs Support.

Ms. Marlie has a strong love of global citizenship and building inclusive classroom environments which cater for the specific needs of all children. She believes that every moment that a child is at school is a learning opportunity. She is dedicated to ensuring that one of our school’s main foundations is a positive community spirit shared by our learners, their parents and our teachers.


Wayne Harding
Senior School Principal 


Wayne Harding joined TSIS as our Senior School Principal in August 2022. He was selected by ISS and the school Board from a large pool of applicants from around the world. Mr. Wayne focuses solely on overseeing matters related to teaching and learning, student welfare and day-to-day operations of the senior school campus.


Originally from London, Mr. Wayne holds a B.Sc. Honours degree in Biological Science, a PGCE and a Masters in Education. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Wayne worked as a Forensic Scientist in Westminster, London.

Mr. Wayne brings to TSIS over 23 years of experience in education, having worked in schools in the UK, Spain and Thailand. He has held senior leadership roles for many years.


Mr. Wayne believes that each student deserves the chance to reach their true potential. It is the responsibility of the school and teachers to ensure that every student is given everything they need for that to happen.


Graham Lonie
Admissions & Community Relations Manager


International Schools Services appointed Graham Lonie to the TSIS transition team in June 2017. He is now the Admissions and Community Relations Manager for both TSIS campuses.


Graham, who is originally from New South Wales, Australia, began his career in education as a primary school teacher. Prior to working with TSIS, he taught in both Australia and England. He has been based in Thailand for many years where he has worked as a classroom teacher, Head and Public Relations and Recruitment Consultant.


Graham enjoys sharing his time between our Junior School and Senior School each week. He is a strong believer in TSIS's potential and enjoys playing an active role in the development and growth of our school for the benefit of current and future students.

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