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Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

According to terminology in the British National Curriculum, children in Years 3-6 are collectively known as Key Stage 2.

At TSI, the Key Stage 2 curriculum is modified and extended in some areas to provide a solid learning programme that is relevant to the backgrounds and experiences of our learners. It is designed to meet the needs of individual students and, when planning lessons, teachers ensure that they cater for students of all abilities and learning styles.

Children in Key Stage 2 spend the majority of school time with their western Homeroom teacher during which they are engaged by activities related to units of work from our ‘TSI Learners’ Journey’ (see below). To support specific academic skills, children in Key Stage 2 also have dedicated Reading, Writing and Mathematics lessons with their Homeroom teacher. 

The subjects that Key Stage 2 students learn with specialist teachers include Thai language and culture, an additional language (Punjabi, Mandarin or Hindi), STEAM, Computer Science, Arts, PE and Swimming. 

TSI Learners’ Journey – Our Programme of Inquiry (POI)

The TSI Learners’ Journey (POI) involves students working together to explore significant concepts and issues by using a process that supports collaboration, discussion and reflection. Teachers facilitate active engagement with concepts and skills which allows for a deeper understanding and critical thinking. Students engage with learning to explain, interpret, apply, have perspective and empathise.

The concepts and topics explored in the POI are specifically designed for students to explore our global community as interconnected and with multicultural perspectives. We believe that learning should be applied to relevant social issues facing our world today, allowing room for students to act and become confident leaders of tomorrow.

Please download our Key Stage 2 Curriculum Guide: 

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