Senior School Teachers

In the 2021-2022 Academic Year, TSIS continues to have one of the best qualified and most culturally diverse staff our school has seen in its history! Our teachers have IGCSE or A Level teaching experience. They have been recruited by ISS from all around the world specifically to work at TSIS Bangkok.


Mr. Tom

English Teacher

Mr. Tom is from the UK and teaches Middle and High School English at our Senior School.

Prior to moving to TSIS, Mr. Tom taught English literature and language both in the UK and Thailand. Mr. Tom is using his qualifications and experience to modernise our Senior School's English curriculum to ensure that our students are equipped with the best skills to enter the international workplace after graduating from TSIS.


Mr. Paul

Mathematics Teacher



Mr. Paul originates from London, England.  After 15-years working with children and adults as a Social Worker, he continued his study to become a secondary school Mathematics teacher. Mr. Paul has over 20 years of IGCSE and A-Level teaching experience.


Mr. Askarbek

Mathematics Teacher

Year 12 Homeroom Tutor

Mr. Askarbek has years of IGCSE and A-Level Mathematics teaching experience. Most recently, he taught at the President's first school in Astana, a CIS accredited school. With his keen focus on professional growth, Mr. Askarbek practices innovative teaching methods to ensure that students have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of challenging Mathematics concepts. He has a strong track- record of student success in Cambridge examinations and competitively in international Mathematics olympiads.


Mr. Richard

Physics Teacher



Mr. Richard holds a First-Class BSc (Hons) degree in Physics from the UK and is teaching IGCSE and A-Level Physics at our Senior School. Mr. Richard is an experienced, adaptable and dedicated Physics teacher with a passion for providing engaging lessons which help students to achieve their full potential.


Mr. Denis

Chemistry Teacher

Year 9 Homeroom Tutor

Mr. Denis has a Bachelor of Science Degree (Honours) in Secondary Education from Uganda and a Masters Degree in Materials Chemistry from Lewis College of Science and Letters in the USA.

He specialises in IGCSE and A Level Chemistry teaching and is a certified Google educator. He believes students best learn through practical experiences and he prepares them to work cooperatively in a global, technological society. He emphasises critical thinking and problem solving, using chemistry content to develop good evidence-based reasoning and communication skills.


Mr. Yerlan

Biology Teacher

Year 11 Homeroom Tutor

Mr. Yerlan has teaching qualifications from Kazakshan and England. He also taught at schools in both of these countries, where he specialised in teaching iGCSE and A Level Biology. He has also prepared students for IELTS, APTIS, and SAT (Biology, Chemistry and Reasoning). Mr. Yerlan is a certified trainer of the 'NXpIorers' programme developed by Shell. The programme is intended to help 14-19 year old students develop complex and creative thinking skills which will enable them to become positive agents for change on global issues.

mary jane.jpg

Ms. Mary Jane

Global Perspectives


Year 7 Homeroom Tutor

Ms. Mary Jane joined TSIS with nearly 20 years of teaching experience both in the Philippines and international schools. While she started her career as a licensed Mathematics teacher, she retrained to allow her to specialise in the teaching of Global Perspectives and Critical Thinking and lead Model United Nations programmes. Ms. Mary-Jane continues to consider teaching as a challenging and dynamic career that complements the lifelong learner in her. She enjoys igniting a spark of curiosity in students through project-based learning. She loves to encourage students to be enquirers, thinkers, communicators, and reflect on the progress of their learning.


Mr. Gurwinder

Humanities Teacher

Year 13 Homeroom Tutor



Mr. Gurwinder holds teaching qualifications for History and World Religion. Prior to joining TSIS in 2016, he had taught at schools in India.

Mr. Gurwinder's energy and enthusiasm, together with his passion for teaching and school life, ensure that he forms positive relationships with students. He engages them with lessons which cater for various learning styles.

Gary (4).jpg

Mr. Garry

Business Studies

Originally from the UK, Mr. Garry has moved to TSIS from a school in Jeddah where he and his wife taught for the past seven years.


During the 15 years that Mr. Garry previously lived in Bangkok, he taught at several international schools and both of his children were born here.


Having lived and taught abroad on the international school circuit for over 20 years, Mr. Garry and his family are now happy to be back in Bangkok. He is delighted to be teaching Business Studies at TSIS.


Ms. Akshika

Economics Teacher



Ms. Akshika is a passionate Economics and Business Studies teacher from India. She has several years of IGCSE and A-Level teaching experience. In fact, she is a Certified Cambridge Assistant Examiner of Economics for IGCSE 'O' & 'A' levels and is a contributor to the Cambridge IGCSE Economics Student's Book.


Ms. Deepa

Accounting Teacher

After completing her first-class degree in Accounts (honours) from one of India's premier universities, Ms. Deepa pursued a Professional Degree in Chartered Accountancy.  

A resident of Thailand for 15 years, Ms. Deepa has close to ten years of teaching experience. In more recent years, she has specialised in IGCSE and A-level accounts and Business subjects. She prides herself on her ability to build her students' confidence, allowing them to take ownership of their own education.


Ms. Bowornrat

Thai Language and Culture


Ms. Bowornrat (Kru Maew') has a great deal of experience teaching learners of various ages in both Thai and international schools. Her love of teaching started when she was young when she realised that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people. Kru Maew enjoys teaching Thai language, culture and dance to native and non-native Thai speakers alike. She is proud to deliver lessons which incorporate both new and traditional teaching methods that encourage students to develop and maintain a true appreciation of Thai language and traditional culture, as well as Thai music, art and dance in today's modern society.


Mr. Ranjeet

Punjabi & World Religion 



Mr. Ranjeet has nearly ten years of teaching experience both in India and Thailand. As well as teaching, Mr. Ranjeet is a passionate writer and director of stage dramas. Mr. Ranjeet is well qualified in both Punjabi language and Sikhism. He plays a very important role in our school, leading regular religious activities for our Sikh students and ensuring that our non-Sikh students and staff have an awareness of the universal values of the Sikh religion. 


Mr. Shailesh

Hindi Teacher & Librarian


Mr. Shailesh is now TSIS's longest serving teacher Originally from India, he has teaching qualifications covering Hindi language, history, social science, psychology and Library and Information Science. In the classroom, Mr. Shailesh recognises that every student has unique ways of learning and enjoys the challenge of providing a learning environment which caters for all students. As a long-term resident of Thailand, Mr. Shailesh is well-connected and very resourceful when it comes to arranging camps, field trips and other activities to support students in their learning and development. 


Ms. Yuehan

Chinese & EAL Teacher

Year 8 Homeroom Tutor


Ms. Yuehan is from China and teaches our Senior School students Chinese Language & Culture and EAL English. 

Ms. Yuehan holds a Masters Degree from Durham University in the UK, majoring in TESOL. Prior to joining TSIS, she taught both Chinese and English in China and Thailand. Ms. Yuehan believes every student is unique and has specific learning needs. She enjoys building a rapport with each student to assist in the learning process. 


Mr. Anjan

Computer Science


Year 10 Homeroom Tutor


Mr. Anjan has over 20 years of ICT, IT and Computer Science teaching experience in Thailand. He is an assistant examiner of the Cambridge Assessment International Education IGCSE/O Level Computer Science.   
Over the years, along with teaching he has gained administrative and organisational skills that enhanced his perspective and his commitment to the extra-curricular component of the secondary school experience. He believes that his greatest teaching strength is his ability to understand each student’s unique requirements and assisting them to achieve as much as they can. 


Ms. Aira

Computer Science & Art Teacher (Middle School)



Prior to teaching at TSIS, Ms. Aira had been a Computer Science and EAL teacher at schools in the Philippines and Thailand. As well as her teaching qualifications, Ms. Aira has certificates in Computer Programming, PC Operation, Hardware Servicing, Multimedia Arts and Graphic Design. Ms. Aira teaches our middle school students both Computer Science and Art.


Mr. Richard

Head of PE & Sport

Mr. Richard is originally from England, where he received his degree in Sports Coaching and Development. Alongside his teaching certificate, Mr. Richard has numerous coaching qualifications which enabled him to teach at some of the leading schools in the U.K. for sport.


Mr. Richard's experience managing and coaching regional representative teams in the UK has advanced the Senior School's sporting and extracurricular programme and GBAC inter-school sporting competition results.