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Key Stage 5 (TSI Diploma)

Students in Year 12 and Year 13 are referred to as Key Stage 5. 

At TSIS, Key Stage 5 students have the choice between two very different but equally challenging and rewarding pathways:

  1. The A Level Programme (click HERE for details)

  2. The TSI Diploma Programme (below)

The TSI Diploma Programme:

Our Diploma Programme offers a versatile, rigorous and challenging alternative to the A Level programme. Students can enrol in a two year programme, and even combine aspects of the Diploma with a reduced number of AS/A2 components across the two years, creating a personalised ‘hybrid’ pathway.

Our Diploma Programme is recognised by the Thai Ministry of Education, meaning it will allow students entry into universities within Thailand. It is also recognised by universities in some other countries.

“What is the ‘TSI Diploma Programme?"

The TSI Diploma Programme is unique as it has distinct components that collectively offer learners a strong and balanced foundation in 21st century skills, relevant knowledge and character development. TSI Diploma students are also taught to value health, fitness & wellbeing.

1. Skills Learning - Students select transferable life skills they want to develop and improve in. With guidance and support from the Diploma Programme tutors, they move up through the levels and will receive certification at the end of their journey, confirming their final achievement.


Typically, this component will comprise 20-30% of the students’ directed time in school, and constitute 20% of their GPA per year. 

2. Academic and/or Vocational Learning - Driven by their interests and passions, students will be able to choose a mix of more traditional academic study. These are delivered by TSI subject teachers, and/or self-directed online study using the school's diploma platform. For students who are interested, we also offer the opportunity to study for IELTS, or to (re)take IGCSE Maths, English, Art and PE. Typically, this component will comprise 40-60% of the students’ directed time in school, and constitute 60% to their GPA per year. 

3. Service Learning - The ability and desire to contribute meaningfully and selflessly to one’s community is a character trait we see as vitally important. We offer a range of ‘Service Learning’ opportunities for our students to have some social impact, including an annual residential trip. Typically, this component will comprise up to 20% of the students’ directed time in school, and constitute 20% to their GPA per year. 

4. Health, Fitness & Wellbeing - The essential foundation for all successful learning is a healthy body and mind. Diploma students participate in PE lessons 3 times per week to promote physical fitness. In conjunction with the ‘Vocational Learning’ component of the Diploma, students will also learn about healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, mindfulness and other wellbeing-related topics. 

“How are the Diploma students assessed and accredited?”


In line with the Thai Ministry of Education's High School graduation requirements, Diploma Programme students must complete a minimum of 25 credits between the start of Year 10 and the end of Year 13 (4 full academic years).


Depending on an individual’s record of attainment during Years 10 and 11, they are likely to commence the Diploma Programme in Year 12 with a certain number of credits already under their belt. Our two-year model (Years 12 and 13) offers students the chance to accrue at least a further 20 credits.


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