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Van Service (Junior)

In order to assist parents with transportation and to ease traffic in and out of our school, TSIS offers a van service that covers most areas in Bangkok.

Transport Services:

  • From home to school

  • From school to home

  • From home to school and back home again.

General Junior School Van Information:

  • Parents are required to pay van fees before the first day of each Term.​​​​

  • Parents pay for their child’s seat on the van (not the days that they travel). For example, if a student is not at school because their family is traveling or because they are ill, parents are still required to pay the full fee.

  • Occasionally, van routes need to be reorganised mid-year to accommodate for the growth of our school. In this rare case, children may be assigned to a different van. Our van operator will notify parents beforehand.

  • Students who use the vans one-way only are required to pay 80% of the fees.

  • A late fee of 100 baht/day applies.

  • Van fees are not negotiable.

Application for School Van Services:

  • For further information, please contact the Junior School office (02-861-6161)

Van Fees:

Vans - Junior Zones & Fees..jpg
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