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Students’ Results

TSIS is now known for providing students with a high-quality, holistic education. Our students have been increasingly recognised in academic, sporting and other extracurricular arenas. We are very proud of THEIR success.

2022-2023 IGCSE Results

Our students' 2022-23 IGCSE were TRULY OUTSTANDING. They are better than:


✅  The UK national average.

✅  The average results of other international schools in Thailand.


As shown above:

  • A remarkable 45% of TSIS students’ IGCSE grades achieved the coveted A*-A distinction, surpassing the UK average of 22.7%.

  • 90% of all grades earned were A*-C. This truly exceptional figure also exceeds UK averages.

Our students' average results also compare very well to some of the 'top' UK curriculums schools in Thailand and South-East Asia (as shared on their social media/websites).

We are particularly proud of our six top-achievers below: 

2 Taming.png
3 Priyal.png
4 Anshisa.png
5 Sareya.png
6 Aal.png

2022-2023 AS and A Level Examination Results

A Level:

  • Agamjit - A*, 3A: Agamjit is now enrolled in the Information and Communication Engineering Bachelor Degree programme at Chulalongkorn University’s International School of Engineering. 

  • Rosathorn - A*, 3A: Rosathorn is now studying Medicine at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL).

AS Level:

  • Lucky - 4A: Lucky is now working hard on his A2 studies. He hopes to study Artificial Intelligence next year. 

AL Agamjit.png
AL Rosathorn.png
ASL Lucky3.png

2021-2022 Examination Results

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