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Key Stage 4 (IGCSE School)

As a well-recognised British secondary school in Bangkok, our Year 10-11 students follow the two-year International General Certificate of Secondary Education programme (IGCSE). Attending an IGCSE international school means that students’ qualifications are recognised worldwide.  

Our small class sizes ensure that TSIS students receive personalised guidance from our highly qualified teachers during the entire IGCSE programme.

Studying IGCSEs in Thailand will prepare students for their A-levels or TSIS Diploma in Years 12-13, opening doors to the world’s top universities. 

Understanding the IGCSE Curriculum 

Students choose from a range of subjects that suit their interests, aspirations and strengths. The subjects we offer for our IGCSE students are increasingly broad and balanced, providing a strong foundation for AS and A Levels, or the TSIS Diploma, in Years 12-13.

In Year 11, students take their IGCSE examinations, which are marked by certified examiners from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). This ensures that papers are consistently graded and reviewed by a team of subject experts. 

Overview of the TSIS IGCSE programme for 2023-25

  • Compulsory Subjects (all students):

    • Examined: English and Mathematics

    • Non-Examined: Global Perspectives, PSHE and core Physical Education (PE)

  • Subject Options:

    • In addition to the compulsory subjects, students choose six subject options.

    • The subject options currently on offer are below in alphabetical order:

*** From August 2024, we will add Travel & Tourism as an IGCSE subject.

Please request more information about our IGCSE School in Bangkok

To be part of the TSIS community and enrol in our Secondary School, British International Preschool or British International Primary School, simply complete the form below. Alternatively, please visit our admissions process page to request a tour. You can also call us during school hours (02-743-5050) or send a short email is the first step to your child joining our IGCSE and or A-level curriculum school. 

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