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Sixth Form (AS and A Levels)

Students in Year 12 and Year 13 are referred to as Key Stage 5 or Sixth Form. While in this very important stage of their schooling, students work towards their AS and A Level Examinations which are widely recognised throughout the world for entrance into universities and colleges.

Building on the firm educational foundations established in the earlier Key Stages at the school, the curriculum in Years 12 and 13 provide our senior students with a challenging, relevant and varied course of study to prepare them for the demands that they will face in university and beyond. 

Below is a simple overview for students who will undertake A-Level programme in 2023-25:

  • Non-Examined: PSHE and core Physical Education (PE)

  • Examined Subject Options from the table below (four in Y12 / at least three in Y13):

A Level Options for 2023-25.jpg

Information about each of the subjects can be found at the following links from the Cambridge International website subjects are in alphabetical order.

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