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Learner Attributes

The TSIS Learner Attributes are unique to our school. Based on compelling research, we have identified 8 attitudes towards learning that we believe are essential for academic and personal success.


We strive for all students to see themselves as in control of their own learning and to understand that learning opportunities exist all around them, not just from the teacher. Our Learner Attributes are visible all over the school. They are referred to by all teacher’s during lessons and are explored in greater depth during assemblies. Our ultimately goal is to create lifelong learners.


We appreciate who we are, the perspectives of others, and of the world around us.  We reflect on our knowledge and are metacognitive in our thinking.


We act with fairness, virtue and sincerity. We respect the rights and dignity of people everywhere. We are responsible for our actions and their effect on others.


We are growth minded learners who embrace our mistakes and are persistent in improving our understanding.


We are confident life-long learners and want others to know their contribution positively impacts achievement of goals.


We encourage positivity, individuality and passion. We learn in a safe and comfortable environment. We enjoy being at school.


We are conscious of emotions, actions and experiences and how they influence others.


We question and research our curiosities. We critically think about complex problems when making decisions.


We communicate effectively and actively listen to ideas, thoughts, and opinions of others.

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